New Andy Woods Elementary School

Over the past year, a change has been taking place in our neighborhood.  The local elementary school that was built circa 1957 has been deemed unworthy to endure (as a building) into the twenty-first century.  The primary reason, as I understand it, is because it is not up to post 9/11 security standards.  For this reason, Tyler is rebuilding nearly all the schools over the next few years.  This school, Andy Woods Elementary, is in the second batch of schools being rebuilt.

In the spring of 2009, the former playground was turned into a construction site for the new building.  The once quiet street (Fry) the school would now face became home to large concrete trucks and other heavy machinery lumbering up and down with their supplies.  The street, now congested with the workers’ cars was more difficult for the residents to navigate.  Fortunately for us, we live about a block from the nearest part of the construction so we were not affected by all the disruption…at all!  The trucks came from the opposite end of the street to get to the site.  The noise was just out of earshot for us.  We could occasionally walk down and view the changes on the building and enjoy  watching the new school as it was built.  It really didn’t affect us on a day-to-day level.  Now that’s my kind of change!

This past week, the final demolition of the old school was completed.  They are finishing the grading of the land where it used to sit as they prepare it for playground and parking.  The new building with its landscaping is complete for the most part.  It is much more attractive architecturally, than the old one.  However, there are many who attended the school over the years who would disagree…because they loved the place and people there.  They wish the old school was still standing.  A lot to learn about change from what I have been watching this year!  (to be continued)

Old school partially demolished


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