The older I get, the more I need helpful reminders.  But the truth is that I needed them when I was young too!  The reasons were just different.  When I was young, I was crazy busy with children, often a job too.  It seemed like the demands on my time and energy were constant and never-ending.  I needed concrete items to remind me to do the important things.

This is a photo of a recent T-shirt I got at a great sale! I’ll have to start calling it my prayer shirt.  It was made in India. That is where a few of our new friends (from the Living in Grace conference) will be going in the next few years.  Some will be going as soon as August.  Others are a few years away from leaving.  When I wear this shirt, I think of Debbie, and the G’s and I’s and others who are in various stages of preparing to go.  They need prayer for the stages they are in.  Some will soon be in language school and adjusting to a brand new culture.  Others want to be there but are in the process of preparing and raising the prayer and financial support that is needed.  That takes a lot of patience.  Right now, churches don’t always want to talk to them.  Many don’t have extra money and they seem to be uncomfortable with the fact that they don’t have it.  They forget about the fact that their people DO need to be praying for missionaries…and other needs. It changes the PEOPLE!

It is also helpful for teaching your children to be more aware of others.  Help them get to know the missionary families that come through to visit your church.  Make an effort to get to know them through email or Facebook.  Do your kids ever struggle with feeling left out or having  a hard time making friends?  Imagine what it would be like if you don’t speak the language.  One family we met had early teen children and they were praying for friends for their children…even if they were long distance. Sometimes a long distance friend is less scary for some children but no less rewarding over years.

So get a shirt from India, or a dish from Mexico…or have a taco!  Whatever it takes to remember to pray for your missionaries.  The important thing is–pray for them.  While you’re at it, pray for your local church, the needs of your community…and oh yes, that the gospel will penetrate your own soul in a new and living way.


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