As a result of our day in the Big D (Dallas) today, and more specifically in the Apple store classes, there will be changes coming to this blog. Color!  I have learned how to manage my photographs and have started adding them retroactively (for practice) to liven up the blog.  Feel free to look back and see how the block was supposed to have been illustrated…if I had been more adept technologically.  NOW I am.  I know the logistics of the blog are not all that interesting, but if the blog has looked as drab to you as it has to me, here is what I have to say:  THANK YOU  for coming back!  I am improving my skills to bring you a better blog.

Just to give you a quick snapshot of the day: a glistening, shiny Apple store in a large modern mall full of people.  WE were special.  We had an appointment and had our own teacher.  We were cool.  Sitting in our little cocoon at the table with people scurrying all around.