Have you ever been a bit down?  I’m not talking black-of-gloom depressed, just a bit down?  Maybe you’ve had circumstances piling up and you can’t quite see over the top of them?  That would pretty well describe us recently.  We had gotten back from our (mostly) delightful trip with children and grandchildren.  It ended on a down note physically, but we were plowing forward, maybe too stoically, as we discovered when some friends from Illinois stopped to visit.

Their visit was like a cool glass of water.  They caught us up on news from Hanna City, lots of good news.  Recently there have been many weddings and happy events.  There was also good news of growth in the lives of people in the church.  Of course, there are always sad things happening as well but the visit was delightful.  The time flew while they were here.  We found ourselves smiling for the next few days when we thought back over many topics of our conversation.

Then last week, we opened up the mail one day and received an anonymous gift!  In fact, it was before we fully realized we were going to run short because of some workdays I missed.  The person just thanked us for our ministry.  They went out of their way to disguise their identity.  I guess they take the scripture in Mathew 6:1-4 seriously.  They want to get THEIR reward from God not man!

Have you ever wanted to melt?  I did. Which do you think was the hug from God?  For us, each was in its own way.  One was an encouragement from hard-working co-workers saying “Thank you for the influence you had on our church.  We appreciate it.”  The check in the mail was also encouraging because it meant God knew about the needs that our human frailty could not provide for.  We were doing all we could to provide for our needs, but circumstances outside of our control prevented it.  He partially provided for the need before we were fully aware of it.  That is a Heavenly Father watching over His children.  How incredibly comforting and encouraging.  God has rarely provided for us with checks in the mail.  Usually we have to work for our money like everyone else.  It felt like a hug…from our loving Heavenly Father!


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  1. carolyn
    Jun 27, 2010 @ 14:41:20

    Hi Martha, your blog was refreshing to me too. You are a good writer and
    many can empathize with your situations and feelings. I’m glad you and Ron
    can get away and see your kids/grands fairly often. I was in Oklahoma for
    six wks this spring caring for my DIL’s mom who has cancer so I soaked up
    Matt’s boys and Mike’s girls every week. It was hard to leave them.

    God Bless you both,

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