I can’t believe thirty-nine years have flown by!  Yes, that is how long it has been since we had our first (living) child.  Now she is married and has her first child.  Happy Birthday Dawn!

I guess everyone gets this way when they get older…I know my grandmother did.  The time just seems to go so fast.  We tried to enjoy our family while we were in the middle of raising them…and we did for the most part.  It is just that life gets so busy when you are working and they are in school. We were busy with their activities, our work and church activities.  It often got pretty wild.  Then all of a sudden, everyone was gone and grown up and it was very quiet.

You started a great trend in our family.  You were the first child, the first of three daughters.  You set the tone.  The Brady girls were each unique.  They were also strong and secure (in a good way).  They did well in school and were polite enough.  Most importantly, they each had a faith that was genuine.  They made their parents “look good” without trying to.

You took a path that was not always the choice you would have wanted as you watched your younger sisters marry and have children.  But you lived your life with grace and joy and in the last two years, God gave you a husband and a son as well.  Now you are getting ready to pack up your home and move AGAIN…as you prepare to return for a three-year gig in Ukraine (your second home).  If all goes according to plan, that will be the end of the year.

Isn’t it interesting how when we give something to God, He gives back more than we gave?  When we finally had a child, I felt a bit like Hannah when she had Samuel.  I wondered what would happen to each of my children as we gave them to God when they were born and later baptized.  Each one has grown to glorify God in interesting and unique ways.  It has been fun to watch God develop each of you into the women He made you to be.  The focus today is on you, of course.  I know these next months of upheaval will not always be easy.  You and Steve have not chosen an easy path.  (Nor have our other children for that matter.)  But God has graciously provided many blessings along the way…not the least of which is His abundant grace to meet all your needs.  Another blessing has been many dear friends that you have found sprinkled all over the world.  You are truly blessed in many ways.



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  1. Dawn
    Jun 24, 2010 @ 17:09:38

    Thanks for such a beautiful tribute! By the way, your card arrived today as well 🙂

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