Today Ron and I spent about ten hours in the car…after a short sleep night.  We were up late packing, straightening and collecting multiple loose ends so we could leave the house in reasonable order while we are away for a short trip.  We have recently done some gardening projects that needed extra care before the weather gets completely unbearable in the Texas heat.  Our muscles are sore from that heavy work last weekend. With school ending yesterday, there wasn’t the preferred breathing space we like to have before going on a trip.  All that is to tell you that we are both very tired which can set the stage for crotchetiness (a synonym for sin) on a trip.  It didn’t happen…at least not today.  (A new touch of God’s grace?) 

We had a rather random day however.  I read from the variety of books we had with us.  I tried to read from one but the english was old and the sentences way too long and difficult for reading aloud.  You know those kinds of sentences that go on for about a paragraph with semicolons and all?  (or the rambly way I talk?)  That’s how this one started.  Ron was lost. (not unlike what frequently happens in our conversations.)   We started a second book which seems like it will be very sad but has a compelling story that has definitely sucked us in.  During part of the afternoon however, I read from one of my writing books.  It was a chapter on character development.  It made very interesting reading because the author used  many short examples from a variety of writers. It was also interesting because of what it had to say about characters in stories…and life.  I learned a lot of writing theory.  Now I have put it into practice.

Interestingly, the miles went quite quickly.  Ron did not have a major droopy spell and we made it to the Birmingham area in good time despite leaving later than we had hoped.  God’s grace was sufficient for today.  That was good.  We found a place to stay in Pell City, AL.  It’s a little town on the Atlanta side of Birmingham.  We shouldn’t have far to go today as we head to Athens, GA to visit an old friend…a bridesmaid in my wedding.  We rested well during the nite.  Don’t have far to go today and look forward to an enjoyable visit this evening.