This could be the new nickname for our youngest grandson, Stevie.  We took a quick trip to Austin to visit him this past weekend.  He is very funny.  At six months of age, he has been crawling for about a month.  His crawl looks like a cross between a soldier crawl and a swimmer’s crawl.   He definitely will not have any grass growing under his feet.  He is into exploring and going for what he wants…NOW.  He must be an extrovert because when he has an audience, he turns on the charm. 

I’m amazed at all the blue-eyed grandchildren we have, considering that neither we nor their parents is blue-eyed!  He is one of the three who are.  Just because I’m writing about him today, doesn’t mean that none of my other grandchildren are delightful.  It only means that we just visited him and I had to write about him as I sit here and smile at the memory.


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