There is nothing like the memory of your first grandchild.  Who can forget the day they were born?  The day our first grandchild was born became an even more memorable day than we expected.  It was a very bittersweet day.  That was the day my husband retired from a church he served for sixteen+ years.  We knew he was going to announce his retirement that day.  You don’t worship with a group of people for sixteen years and change and grow during that time, right along with them!  It’s true, there was much about the day that was bittersweet. 

During the night, we got the call that our daughter was in labor and around six-something in the morning, the call came from the delivery room with Caroline Blake crying in the background.  She had arrived and all was well.  What a happy time!  We were grandparents for the first time.

Later that Sunday morning, my husband announced his coming retirement (not effective for  months).  We had entered a new stage of our lives.  We went on to an interim pastorate in IL that developed into a pastorate. Instead of being away for one year, we were gone for four.  It was a wonderful period in many ways.  Ron experienced a church community and presbytery that truly loved him and appreciated his strengths.  It was a good time.  But soon we knew his time to retire had truly come.

Meanwhile, seven years have passed.  Caroline is growing both physically and spiritually.  On two other important Sundays, her younger sisters arrived, completing a family of three girls similar to the one in which her mother grew up.   But today we celebrate Miss Caroline, our first and only grandchild for three years.  Now she is surrounded by her two sisters and three cousins (on our side of the family tree).  We all live far apart, but that makes the times we get together more special.  Happy Birthday dear Caroline!


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