Today I’ve been thinking about categories.  I’ve realized it is hard to categorize my life!  A few years ago someone said that women are like spaghetti, their lives are so intertwined and interrelated with everything and everyone that it is hard to separate into categories.  Men are like boxes, they open one up labeled work.  When they finish with that, they close it and open another labeled family and focus on that.  I’m sure there are many exceptions but I will say that my life is more like spaghetti. 

As a quilter, I think of it as fabric.  Everything seems interwoven.  When I think about home, it is also personal.  When I think about my church, it is often very personal and may also relate to members of my family and even touch on my home as well.  When I think about work, I consider its effect on my family, church and friendships.  And on it goes!

The truth of it is that we ARE all interconnected… like fabric.  Our actions and lifestyle, our love or lack thereof, our willingness to minister and share resources or not.  All have both a local and systemic effect on our families, our jobs, our communities, our churches and THE CHURCH!  Are the choices you are making today helping to strengthen the fabric in your part of God’s Kingdom?


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  1. caron
    May 20, 2010 @ 22:19:19

    WHAT A GREAT POST TO READ, MARTHA!!! glad i saw that you’re still @ blogging!!! the long hiatus had caused me to forget!

    love you.

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