Have you noticed the changes going on here?  One day my blog is white with colors, the next blue and green.  I’m trying out lots of “faces” for my blog.  I will continue.  As I work to get my blog looking more like I’d like for as free as possible, I am also working on my writing.  I know, the few of you who still read here are relieved to hear that.

I keep squeezing articles and books about writing as well as reading some GOOD books into the available time slots.  It’s nice to air out some of those cobwebs that were gathering in corners of my brain.  It’s a lovely morning here in Tyler.  The sun is shining.  The birds are feeding at our bird feeder.  The nesting sparrow is sitting in the eave on our back porch and the squirrels are chasing each other across the back fence.  Our periwinkle blue Hydrangea are ready to break into bloom and the hummingbirds are enjoying our red Salvia.  Nice picture isn’t it?  It’s right outside my window.(ramble)

Whoops!  My ADD is popping up.  Back to the subject.  If you can put up with this stage of learning I’m passing through, please hang in with me.  If it drives you nuts not to know what you will find here,  come back and visit in a month or two and I think you’ll find more clarity.  For those of you who have the patience, I’d love your help and kind comments. (That is, constructive criticism stated kindly.  You don’t have to like everything I do.  That won’t help me learn.)  I have jumped into the water of writing but am unsure what direction that will take me.  I know that now I do not write well enough to sell anything, but with the wealth of life experience I have and a good basic English background and ability, I don’t think it will take long for me to catch up on writing.  Unless I really stink!  I haven’t worked hard enough on the skills to know that yet.  We’ll see what the next year brings as I prepare for MY “retirement”.


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