Last night was delightful!  It started with a short visit to an art/photography show done by two talented young women we have known since they were children.  At the show, we saw a number of their friends and family along with some new babies.  We always enjoy seeing old friends. 

From there Ron went to another event and I went to an unofficial fellowship time for ladies from our church.  This was unlike most women’s “fellowship” events you have probably gone to I’m sure!  Most of us came with our bathing suits (for the hot tub), food and a few drinks as well.  There were probably 10-12 of us with 4-6 conversations going on much of the evening.  Before the evening was over, most of us were in the hot tub, by the jets!  As some needed to leave, they did.  We all left feeling like we had gotten to know someone a little better.  We were able to have lots of 2-3 person conversations…you know, the kind where you actually get beneath the surface of a person’s life and even get an opportunity to encourage them?  That always encourages me if I get that chance to encourage someone else.  I know it doesn’t make sense, but neither do a lot of things in God’s economy.  (ie. whoever loses his life will find it.)

Of course, most of all, we learned of many new ways to pray for each other.  I know we will think of more as we process our conversations.  Isn’t that what community is all about?  It includes the vulnerable conversations, opportunities to encourage and even the apparently “superficial” conversations as well…because they set the stage for our friendships and relieve the pressure when the setting becomes intense.  Put all those together and it spells COMMUNITY!


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