This week I’ve been cleaning cupboards and closets.  Actually, the closet is really a bedroom that has become a catch-all for an overflowing house.  It also includes a few still unpacked boxes from our move back to TX (two years ago!)  There is nothing like a wedding and a new job to throw off your rhythm from a move.  That and the difference between being in my 60’s with this move.  Now that was definitely a difference that I did NOT factor in.  I did not have the energy or the adrenaline to push as far beyond my endurance as I have done in the past.  But I digress.

What I am enjoying about cleaning out, tossing and getting closets/cupboards in order is that now there is a place to put some of the things away that are cluttering my life.  It also makes decisions clearer for me as to what gets saved and what gets tossed.   By getting things in order, I know where each thing goes now.  Now I can think more concisely with less rabbit trails.  I’m not as distracted.  Life is good!  It is sort of like clearing away the internal parts of me that no one sees.  Then, when those places are in order, everything else falls into place much easier.  I still haven’t figured out why cleaning out a closet helps my thinking.  But it does!


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