It’s a dreary springish day and at the encouragement of a friend, I’m trying to put something more upbeat on my site.  If even half of the blogs I’ve written in my head over the last few months were here, you would have had lots to read but I am not very agile getting these up and published.  I’ve also taken some photos of the early signs of spring here (last weekend) but the difficulty I have with actually getting them on the blog will delay your seeing them I’m sure.

This week has been encouraging and discouraging;  exhausting and invigorating.  I guess that is the story of life as well:)  The discouraging news was that I did not get the job I had been wanting and waiting to hear about since just before the first of the year.  However, many things about that job process were encouraging:  made new friends, developed new networks that gave positive references and told me what a good job I’m doing (after months of feeling that I was on the verge of losing my job due to ineptitude).  Also made a friend that could give me information re the fact that a job had been filled (something I haven’t had up to this point).  The day I learned the job was filled, I heard about another job that I applied for online quickly before heading to work.  At 6 PM I got a phone call to set up an interview on Monday at 10:30 AM.  It is a great time for me.  I’m rested up from the weekend and have a chance to think about my questions ahead of time.

The exhausting part of the week has been that our patients have been extremely sick and confused.  Add to that the increased demands of learning new computer charting and the stress has been VERY high for all of us.  Many of the people who are usually off on time are staying late.  The next 2 weeks include a time study which will add even more stress.  It is supposed to give information to congress that will help medicare be more sensible in funding when it comes to demands from nursing because the funding is based on information from over 20 years ago when patients weren’t as sick…or rather the patient load wasn’t as intense.  Patients stayed in the hospital longer and the overall patient population had more of a blend of sicker and less sick patients.  Now they are all quite ill when in the hospital, then they either go home or to some interim setting to get better.  It makes for a very heavy patient load and an unreasonable one for the individual nurse/caretaker.  But enough about the boring details of health care…even if it does/will someday affect your life.  The invigorating part of the week came through mulling over Isaiah 43.  It has been a delightfully encouraging passage.  See if you don’t agree.  It has also been invigorating to be able to have some conversations with patients/families and encourage them with parts of this very passage.  I guess that is what Paul meant when he talked about encouraging with the encouragement you have received from Christ.

I know this isn’t a stunningly clever blog today but it is here and I’m back for the one or two readers I have.   I’ve been lurking on many of my other blogs after work at nite.  Just haven’t been lucid enough to write much then.


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